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TGIF And Lots Of Good News

#Ellaseams - WeekendHappy beautiful Friday darlings. How have you been?

Sorry it’s been ages we had some blog post in here; the blog had to undergo some back-end reconstruction, so we had to suspend publishing posts. It’s fixed now and it’s so so great to be back! I missed you all #grouphugs

While the blog was down, we did not relent in our commitment to create exquisite EllaSeams pieces for every woman who lets elegance, comfort and/or class dictate her style. (more…)

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Hello December


Happy New Month Lovelies!

It’s my favourite time of the year and I’m super duper excited. Guess you can smell Christmas as much as I can… December is my favourite month of the year for several reasons. Lemme share my top 3:

  • It’s my birth month (if you’re not born in December, you need to be ‘born-again,’ lol).
  • It’s the month of Christmas which marks the celebration of the birth of my saviour.
  • It’s the last month of the year and an opportunity to practically show love by putting smiles on people’s faces, especially on faces of the less priviledged.


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#Noname – A Girl Has No Name?

Hahahah… Really wish I can hum the sound track of “Game Of Thrones”… before I divert to “Game Of Thrones” stories, lol. (And yeah, I am a fan of  Arya Stark #theStarks)…

Hello and Happy New Month Sweets!

Sorry, it’s been a bit quiet in here, a lot been happening… one of which is the #DressALilGirl Project we talked about HERE. A million thanks to everyone who has donated or supported in one way or the other, (more…)

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The Shift Dress

Hello Luvs, its a new week and  Monday again ….yes thank God for His mercies. they said how you begin your Monday determines how the rest of the day or week would be… but hey that’s fallacy, not when you have the right dress on.

I woke up this morning and something made my morning really bad,  A look at the shift dress I wore today and a selfie (plus some love feelings sprinkled… lol),  zoom my day was made. (more…)

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Let’s Dress A Little Girl


Happy New Month lovelies! Just ‘yesterday’ we stepped into October and today is the 3rd already…

And as the days roll by, they’re a vivid reminder that December and year end are just around the corner, phew!

It’s a blessing to be alive and I’m Super grateful for the life I have. I have also come to realize that one of the essence of life is to add value to other lives around us… Lives like the ones of orphans, widows or that of the less privileged. (more…)

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