Let’s Dress A Little Girl


Happy New Month lovelies! Just ‘yesterday’ we stepped into October and today is the 3rd already…

And as the days roll by, they’re a vivid reminder that December and year end are just around the corner, phew!

It’s a blessing to be alive and I’m Super grateful for the life I have. I have also come to realize that one of the essence of life is to add value to other lives around us… Lives like the ones of orphans, widows or that of the less privileged.

As hinted last week, we @Inspiresew love to give back to society and one of the ways we want to do so this year is by dressing 1000 girls between now and December 2016.


The current economy may be harsh and all but we also know that givers never lack… So we choose to bless poor little girls with lil’ or no clothing, with our crafts.

Our target age is girls from 6 months to 12 years. And yes you can be a part of this project too. All you need do to support is:

  • Donate fabric(s) which we can make or
  • Purchase any of our products, in which 10 percent of your purchase goes to this cause.

In very simple words: We @inspiresew, sew the dresses while you @generalpublic can give/donate fabric or buy an item from @inspiresew in which 10 percent of your purchase goes in for the #DressaLittleGirl cause

Items you can buy from @inspiresew asides fabrics include dresses, skirts, shirts, quilted bags, etc.

Updates on our target achievements will be given every month end… but we really can’t achieve much without you. Please join us let’s dress #1000 girls before end of 2016.

For more inquiries, please send a mail to inspiresew@gmail.com

Wishing y’all a super-beautiful October.

PS: For inspiration on Church Outfit styles, read our latest post on church outfits.




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